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Does disclosing internal information constitute a white collar crime?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2024 | White-Collar Crimes

Every company protects its internal information due to its importance to the business. An example is trade secrets, which play a crucial role in a company’s competitive edge. When revealed, these confidential details could impact the company’s profitability and overall image. Unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets could have profound legal implications, especially when it involves personal gains.

What qualifies as trade secrets?

Trade secrets are confidential business information that is valuable to a company’s overall operation. It could be practices, strategies or processes not known outside the corporation. Trade secrets could also include information about new products or innovations that are solely available in your business. This information is often accessible by a few authorized employees who are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

What is a white collar crime?

White-collar crimes are federal crimes often involving deceit to gain financial benefits. These are nonviolent crimes that could come in the form of fraud, embezzlement, corporate espionage, or money laundering. White collar crimes could consist of intertwining offenses to gain money or personal advantages, avoid losing money, or obtain business advantage.

How can revealing trade secrets be a white collar crime?

When someone improperly acquires trade secrets and discloses them for personal gain, it could constitute a white collar crime. It could involve multiple offenses, such as computer hacking, corporate espionage, bribery or insider trading.

For example, an assistant accessed confidential information through an executive’s computer and shared it with a rival company in exchange for money or a career. The information they revealed could provide a competitive advantage to the rival company. In this situation, the employee could face numerous severe charges that could have negative implications for their career and personal life.

White collar crimes are complex cases that could involve a web of other offenses. Sometimes, people could get entangled in this situation unknowingly or by force. But no matter what their reason is, getting involved in this daunting circumstance could lead to hefty fines and lengthy prison time. When facing white collar allegations, seeking immediate guidance from experienced defense attorneys could be the best option to ensure one’s rights are protected.