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Answering Your Criminal Defense FAQ

Whether you are facing your first federal criminal offense or have been charged in the past, the steps you take today can protect your case tomorrow. At Michael A. Rataj, PC, I believe it’s important to educate others on their rights and their options so they can make smart choices about the direction of their case.

I’ve been representing Michigan clients in cases similar to yours for over 30 years. I want to help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that weaken your case and can jeopardize your future. If you or a loved one is struggling with a criminal issue, read the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about criminal charges that I’ve provided below.

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Should I wait until charges are filed to hire an attorney?

If you think that you or your businesses is the target of a federal investigation, it is critical to hire a qualified criminal defense attorney right away.

When you retain me, I start working on your case immediately. I can intervene on your behalf with law enforcement and ensure that agents are following the legal process. If I am unable to prevent a charge from being filed or your arrest, I will negotiate favorable terms for your surrender so that your family’s privacy is respected.

I know that I’m innocent. Why should I retain a lawyer?

Retaining an attorney doesn’t imply guilt; it shows that you are serious about protecting your constitutional rights. It’s not rare for innocent individuals to be accused and convicted with offenses they haven’t committed.

As your legal advocate, I will use my insight to analyze the charges against you, identify weaknesses in any evidence gathered and develop an effective strategy for combating these charges. I will hold law enforcement agents to account, making certain that they respect your rights throughout your case.

Why is it necessary to hire an attorney who specializes in federal criminal defense?

Federal criminal cases are handled differently than criminal cases heard in state courts. The criminal processes are different as are the rules for admitting evidence. If you hire an attorney without the requisite experience, what that criminal defense attorney doesn’t know could put your case in jeopardy.

At Michael A. Rataj, PC, I specialize in handling federal criminal matters and I am not afraid to take difficult cases. I have the drive and the skill set to get the results you deserve when it appears that you have no options.

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