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A Strategic, Skilled Defense For Those In Detroit Facing Serious Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug charges are no joke. You are likely aware that convictions for serious drug charges, like trafficking or manufacturing of meth, carry serious penalties, including prison time.

You may be thinking there’s no way out and you’re dead to rights. You’re wrong. Even in dire situations, there are options.

Police make mistakes all of the time; evidence gets thrown out; cases get dismissed. There are defenses available to you. You can win. I can help.

Decades Of Skilled Criminal Defense Experience

I am a Detroit-based criminal defense attorney, Michael A. Rataj. For over 20 years, I have provided skilled, experienced defense for Michigan residents facing federal drug charges. I often defend against charges involving:

  • Drug trafficking and possession with intent to sell
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Drug manufacturing of meth or operation of a methamphetamine lab
  • Drug conspiracy to sell
  • Sale of illegal substances in a school zone

An Attorney Who Knows The Federal Criminal Law Process

Federal law and federal procedures differ greatly from Michigan state law and rules. Simply because an attorney practices criminal defense does not make them equipped to fully defend against a serious federal charge.

I know the federal criminal process. I know the rules, procedures police must follow and your constitutional rights.

When it comes to a federal offense, the stakes are high and the importance of seeking a skilled attorney who had helped others in similar situations is vital to keeping your freedom. I have.

I will thoroughly examine every aspect of your arrest and/or search and challenge the actions of the police. 

Contact My Office Today. Free Consultations.

Your future is on the line. Do not trust your defense to any attorney. Let me help you.

I have the skill and experience to fight for you and your future. Call me at Michael A. Rataj, PC today at 313-963-4LAW or contact me online to set up your free initial consultation.

You may have seen me in the news. I have been a legal expert for various media outlets through the years, including The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.