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How The RICO Act Impacts Everyday People

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Title 18, has been around since 1970.

It was initially passed to eliminate organized crime on the nation’s economy. But it is now commonly used for a wide variety of federal charges involving fraud or white collar crimes.

Instead of a “godfather” or “drug kingpin,” CEOs of corporations, controlling shareholders, trustees to an estate, politicians or leaders of a political protest group are charged under the RICO Act.

Over Three Decades Of Experience Defending Against RICO Charges In Detroit

I am criminal defense attorney who has earned a reputation as a skillful Detroit criminal defense lawyer who has established a thorough knowledge of the federal justice system and RICO and white collar offenses in both state and federal courts.


Many people in Detroit and across the state of Michigan remember the Kwame Kilpatrick case. The former mayor of Detroit faced corruption charges that alleged he took bribes and kickbacks.

I served as co-counsel for the former mayor’s friend and fellow defendant, Bobby Ferguson. I was featured in several media outlets and was interviewed on TV regarding the RICO Act and related offenses.

My Reputation

My reputation as a defense lawyer is that I’m aggressive based on my relentless cross-examinations. At the same time, my commonsense arguments often resonate with jurors and lead to victory in trial.

I See Opportunity Where Others See Challenges

As an ex-Marine, I am afraid of nothing. This kind of tenacity and willingness to go all-in with my clients makes me the ideal trial lawyer for RICO charges. Flimsy coincidences and faulty conspiracy charges will be dispatched. I will use several other effective defenses based on experience gained from handling hundreds of federal cases.

Charged With A RICO Violation? Contact My Office Today

Convictions for RICO and related charges and serious. If you want to protect your future and your livelihood, contact me today. We can discuss my history of successful results and how I can help protect your rights and liberties.

Call 313-963-4LAW or contact me online. I offer free consultations.