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Types of cybercrime and your defense options

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | White-Collar Crimes

It is no secret that technology is now a critical part of everyday life. Most people use their computers, phones and tablets to do everything from grocery shop to socialize with others. The scope to which people are reliant on technology and the internet is difficult to accurately assess, but it is reasonable to suggest that most people have a significant amount of personal information stored digitally.

The internet is also quickly becoming one of the most common ways for crime to take place. The federal government takes all types of cybercrimes seriously, and people who are convicted of these acts can face penalties that may include prison sentences, expensive fines and more. If you are under investigation for any type of cyber or computer crime, you will benefit from learning more about what you are up against and how you can protect your future.

The definition of cybercrime

Cybercrime is any type of criminal activity that takes place online or on a computer. These types of crimes may lack an element of violence, but they can lead to financial loss, breach of personal or sensitive information, system failures and more. While there is a wide range of cybercrimes, some of the most common include:

  • Social media fraud — This is a scam that uses Facebook and other social media platforms to impersonate, steal information, defraud and more using an exploitation of user trust.
  • Banking fraud — This is using illegal acts to defraud banks or customers of funds or information to access personal funds.
  • Identity theft — This is using various illegal acts to access personal information with which one can open credit cards, make purchases and impersonate someone else.
  • Online harassment — It is against the law to use the internet to stalk, harass, intimidate or cause harm to someone else.

If you are under investigation in Michigan for committing a cybercrime or other type of white-collar crime, you do not have to face these allegations alone. An assessment of your case can help you understand the implications of these charges and how you can develop a strong and effective defense strategy. With the right defense plan in place, you can fight for your future interests and your personal freedom.