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Distribution of opioids leads to health care fraud charges

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2022 | Healthcare Fraud

The individuals who own and operate a health care clinic are facing serious criminal repercussions for the distribution of opioids and other crimes. A doctor and his wife have been convicted of charges that include the unlawful distribution of opioids and fraud against insurance companies. The two individuals owned and operated clinics that offered pain management services. Health care providers in Michigan and elsewhere could face federal charges for health care fraud schemes. 

Fraudulent operations 

According to court documents from the case, the defendants engaged in fraudulent schemes for over a period of five years. The prosecution says the couple charged over $50 million to Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, TRICARE and other insurance companies for unnecessary services. This also included giving pre-signed prescriptions for narcotics to patients who came to the clinics. 

Additionally, the couple allegedly asked for and collected unlawful payments for unnecessary or fraudulent services offered to patients. They were convicted of conspiracy to unlawfully distribute controlled substances, health care fraud conspiracy and other criminal charges. They are facing decades in a federal prison for their role in these operations, and the wife could face additional time behind bars for tax fraud. 

After a conviction 

Strong defense representation is important, even after a conviction. A Michigan defendant will benefit from seeking the best possible outcome to his or her case, even through the appeals process and sentencing hearings. Every case is different, and the ideal outcome for a specific situation depends on the details of the individual case. While these two individuals are facing serious penalties, they still have the right to argue for shorter sentences and lesser penalties.