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Lawyer facing prison for his role in health care fraud scheme

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Healthcare Fraud

One lawyer is facing significant criminal penalties due to his role in a $112 million white collar criminal operation after entering a guilty plea. The lawyer, along with other defendants, secured plea deals with the Justice Department, admitting guilt in an extensive and complex health care fraud scheme. They were accused of taking money from insurance companies for services not rendered or unnecessary services for patients needing care for substance abuse issues.

The consequences of health care fraud

The defendants charged in this scheme ran a detox center for individuals struggling with substance abuse problems. According to investigators, the patients were given a specific type of drink intended to sedate them. They were also offered other enticements that were intended to keep the patients coming back for more expensive treatment services. The defendants billed the patients’ insurance providers for these services.

The lawyer who pleaded guilty to health care fraud co-owned the facilities in which these practices took place. The other defendants, the doctor and the patient recruiter, are facing more extensive sentences for their direct role in the scheme. The three men will be sentenced this spring.

Seeking the most beneficial outcome

Health care fraud charges can result in serious penalties, including time in prison and more. A defendant has the right to fight the charges against him or her, but it is also important to continue pursuing a beneficial outcome after a conviction or guilty plea. An experienced defense attorney can protect the rights of his or her client through the sentencing phase and beyond.