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Pharmacist charged for alleged involvement in drug ring

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Uncategorized

Law enforcement authorities have been investigating a prescription drug ring in the Detroit area for some time and have recently made another arrest in the case. The accused is a local pharmacist. This individual is charged with filling fraudulent prescriptions valuing over $2 million.  

The accused 

The accused is a 60-year-old female. She is the owner and operator of Beacon Pointe Pharmacy. According to reports, she allegedly filled roughly 600 fraudulent prescriptions. All of these prescriptions were paid for in cash rather than submitting claims through insurance. The pharmacist asserts she did nothing wrong, and all patients were required to pick up their prescriptions in person. Investigators say this is not the case.  

Charges and potential penalties 

The charges against the accused include conspiracy, unlawful distribution of prescribed controlled substances and illegally maintaining a drug-involved premise. These charges were added to an indictment filed earlier this year against several other individuals allegedly involved in this same drug ring. The potential penalties if she pleads guilty or is ultimately found guilty if her case goes to trial include prison time and hefty fines.  


The accused has a lot on the line. If she hasn’t already, she could lose her business and her professional license. She could lose her freedom. Thankfully, she does have the right to defend herself, which is not something she has to do alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney can guide her through criminal proceedings, help her decide which type of plea to enter, and assist her in taking the steps necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.