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Doctor cleared health care fraud case

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Healthcare Fraud

A doctor in another state recently experienced a significant legal win as he was cleared in a kickback case. For medical providers in Michigan and elsewhere, accepting kickbacks can be a form of health care fraud. It is a serious offense that can have significant criminal and civil consequences. In this gentlemans case, though, he was able to prevail in court.

The case

According to reports, a neurosurgeon was facing 35 counts of fraud and conspiracy for his alleged role in a $500 million kickback scheme. Prosecuting attorneys claimed he accepted $2.3 million in kickbacks to direct patients to a specific hospital. They also said he was given free rent and a paid directorship job over a medical group that has since been closed.

The defense

The doctors defense team claimed their client was unknowingly a part of a health care fraud scheme that had been going on for 15 years. He believed and was assured the money he received for his partnership with the hospital and its management company was to buy his practice. The doctor took the stand and stated he had performed numerous surgeries at the medical facility before entering the agreement, and that he was lied to about the true nature of the deal offered him.

Conviction is not always guaranteed

This case is proof that not all health care fraud cases end in conviction. The simple truth is, medical providers are sometimes taken advantage of or lied to and end up unknowingly participating in fraud. These individuals have the right to their day in court and the right to defend themselves, just as this doctor did. Medical providers in Michigan who believe they are being falsely accused of health care fraud can turn to an experienced defense attorney for help resolving the matter as quickly as possible.