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What actions constitute health care fraud?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Healthcare Fraud

Financial crimes are considered by the federal government to be grave criminal offenses, despite the lack of an element of violence in these cases. Health care fraud is a common financially motivated crime, and a conviction for this type of offense can result in consequences that can range from significant time behind bars to expensive fines and penalties. This type of crime often occurs in the form of filing inaccurate claims to insurance providers or government programs, such as Medicare. 

Fraudulent activities related to health care 

Health care fraud can occur when care providers file fraudulent claims for their services in order to receive payment. This can result in millions of dollars in wrongfully obtained profit at the cost of Medicare and other types of insurance programs. Examples of how health care fraud occurs include: 

  • Prescribing unnecessary medications 
  • Filing claims for services not rendered or unnecessary services 
  • Filing a single claim multiple times 
  • Altering medical records  
  • Billing for a service not covered by insurance 

The repercussions of health care fraud are significant. It is possible that this type of offense could result in penalties that may include incarceration in a federal facility. 

A strong defense strategy 

For a Michigan defendant facing allegations of health care fraud, a strong defense is critical. These are grave charges, and a conviction will alter the course of a defendant’s life. When under investigation or already charged, it will be prudent to seek defense counsel and insight regarding personal rights from an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.