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Podiatrist receives prison sentence for health care fraud scheme

On Behalf of | May 13, 2023 | Healthcare Fraud

The federal government takes financial crimes seriously, typically prosecuting these cases to the fullest extent of the law. One doctor from Michigan received a lengthy prison sentence for planning a health care fraud scheme in which he billed Medicare under a false name. This type of fraud is a federal offense, and it can result in lengthy prison sentences for individuals convicted of this type of crime.

Allegations of fraudulent claims and identity theft

The defendant is a 61-year-old podiatrist from Wayne County, and he operated a foot clinic that provided specialized services to residents of adult foster homes. Previously, he had been suspended by Medicare for questionable billing practices. During his suspension, he could not receive any funds from Medicare for services rendered.

After the suspension, he created a new business and used another doctor’s name on financial records. Through this new business, he billed Medicare for services, using the other doctor’s name as the care provider. This allowed him to file approximately $2 million on false claims. In addition to submitting false claims, he was also accused of identity theft and the falsification of records.

A lengthy prison sentence

The Michigan doctor was sentenced to seven years in prison for this fraudulent billing scheme. These types of allegations are serious, and they have the potential to bring consequences that can change the course of a defendant’s life. It is important for each individual facing charges or under investigation for health care fraud to seek experienced defense counsel.