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More than a decade in prison for man guilty of federal crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Federal Offenses

The federal government takes drug-related criminal activity seriously, giving severe penalties to those convicted of trafficking or distributing illicit substances, as well as those who commit violent crimes. The repercussions of these types of offenses are particularly severe in cases where a weapon is used in the commission of a drug-related crime. A Michigan man is facing 13 years in a federal prison for being a felon in possession of a weapon and using that weapon for the purpose of committing other crimes.

Assault, drug crimes and weapons offenses

According to records, the defendant put a loaded pistol in a bag with 13 grams of cocaine, carrying both the drugs and weapon with him. The individual was already a convicted felon, making the possession of a weapon a federal offense. Witnesses saw the defendant with the gun when he allegedly displayed the weapon to others while attending a social event.

Previously, the defendant was connected to a crime during which a man was shot three times. Forensics connected the bullet casings from the scene to the defendant’s weapon. The prosecution also presented evidence that the defendant spoke of his offenses in text messages exchanged with others.

Strict sentencing and harsh penalties

Despite the evidence against him and his conviction, the defendant had the right to fight for his interests through the sentencing stage. Any individual convicted of federal crimes will benefit from fighting for lenient sentencing and seeking the best possible outcome. When facing such serious allegations, it is beneficial to have the assistance of an experienced Michigan federal criminal defense attorney.