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Fraud conviction could result in decades in prison

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2023 | White-Collar Crimes

A Michigan woman is facing an extensive prison sentence after she was convicted of multiple federal offenses. Her arrest and subsequent conviction were the results of her connection with a years-long scheme that resulted in the theft of around $65 million. The defendant obtained this money from various pharmaceutical co-pay assistance programs. She is currently awaiting sentencing for wire fraud 

Billing claims and coupon fraud 

According to the prosecution, the woman participated in a scheme to submit fraudulent reimbursement claims to the co-pay assistance programs at several pharmaceutical companies. The intent of these programs is to provide real patients with the assistance they need to pay for necessary medications. To defraud these coupon programs, the woman would create fake prescriptions for nonexistent patients.  

As part of the conspiracy, the defendant put a significant amount of effort into creating fake identities for the fake patients. This was a complex operation, and there were multiple people involved in the fraudulent activities. Over the course of their efforts, they billed over 40 pharmacies for a total of more than $65 million. 

After a conviction 

A defendant’s rights do not end after he or she is convicted. At this point, the individual convicted of serious federal offenses is facing up to 20 years for each count, and she has the right to seek the best possible sentence for her individual situation. She will benefit from working closely with an experienced defense attorney to secure an outcome that will offer her a chance at a post-prison future.