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Michigan nurse charged with health care fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2022 | Healthcare Fraud

Certain types of crimes, such as those of a financial nature, have the potential to bring serious penalties for a defendant convicted of these allegations. This includes health care fraud, a common type of financial crime seen in different types of medical fields. One Michigan nurse is facing charges of health care fraud for allegedly submitting fraudulent Medicare claims amounting to approximately $3 million. 

A federal indictment 

The nurse was recently indicted on federal charges for her role in a scheme that prosecutors say was intended to defraud Medicare of millions. According to the details of the case, she allegedly filed claims to have the government program pay for certain things not technically covered by Medicare. She supposedly filed false claims and altered medical records as part of the fraud scheme. 

At the time the fraudulent activities took place, the defendant was working as an independent contractor. Court documents indicate that others were involved with this plan as well. Of the more than $3 million in false claims filed, Medicare paid $1.8 million. These false claims included ordering medical equipment, such as foot braces, that were medically unnecessary. 

Defending her interests 

The Michigan nurse is facing time behind bars and other consequences, and she will benefit from learning about the defense options available to her. She will find it beneficial to seek the guidance and support of an experienced attorney who can help develop the most effective and appropriate defense strategy for the health care fraud charges she is facing. There is much at stake, but she does not have to face it alone.