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Drug bust may lead to federal drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2022 | Federal Drug Charge

A recent investigation by Michigan law enforcement led to the discovery of large amounts of drugs and weapons in a home in Muskegon. The drug bust was preceded by investigations into drug trafficking operations in that area of the state, an effort started in 2019. The owner of the home and his associates have been the focus of ongoing efforts to gather enough evidence to secure the warrants necessary to enter the dwelling and place the defendant under arrest.

The potential for serious criminal charges

Police had previously identified the house as a potential location for a trafficking operation, believing the resident obtained large amounts of illegal substances and distributed smaller portions to customers. The investigation focused on this home from April until June, and during that time police say they witnessed the delivery of large boxes on different occasions. After a delivery, there was reportedly an increase in the number of people who visited and left the home after a short time.

Police were then able to obtain a search warrant that allowed them to enter the home. According to the police report, the man attempted to flee when they executed the warrant, but he was apprehended. In the home, Michigan police say they found large amounts of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine.

A future on the line

The individual arrested at the home is facing the potential for federal drug charges, including trafficking. If formally charged with a federal offense, a conviction could bring a years or decades-long prison sentence. At this point, the accused man will benefit from seeking the counsel of an experienced attorney who can provide insight regarding the most effective defense strategy to contest the charges.