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Is white collar crime becoming more prominent?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | White-Collar Crimes

Federal level offenses, including certain type of financial crimes, come with serious penalties and grave consequences for those convicted. White collar crime includes acts of fraud, theft and deception committed with the intent of financial gain. According to recent statistics, this type of crime involving both the government and finances is on the rise.

An area of concern

White collar crime can be committed against a business, the government or an individual. Regardless, it is something the federal government takes seriously, fully prosecuting these cases. With the use of technology and many financial crimes being committed online, these cases can be sophisticated and difficult to fully investigate. One common type of fraud is the implementation of scams to secure funds or access to sensitive information from victims.

During the pandemic, specific types of white collar crime became more prominent. For example, some individuals improperly applied for and took millions of dollars from government aid programs designed to provide support during shutdowns. The federal government created a task force to handle cases related specifically to pandemic-related fraud and financial crime as many of these cases are now coming to the attention of authorities.

The rights of defendants

Those accused of financial crimes have rights, regardless of the nature of the case against them. They may benefit from the counsel and guidance of a federal criminal defense attorney specifically experienced in white collar criminal cases. Each person charged with a financial crime would be wise to take their case seriously, taking immediate action to protect both their personal interests and constitutional rights.