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An in-depth understanding of prescription drug crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Federal Drug Charge

While prescription drugs are legal, they are only legal when used by those for whom the prescription is written. Inappropriate use of prescribed medication is a crime, and it can lead to serious penalties for those convicted of this offense. Michigan adults facing allegations of prescription drug crimes would be wise to act quickly to defend themselves against these charges and fight for their future interests.

The abuse of prescription pain medication

Drug abuse is not limited to only the abuse of illicit street drugs. Many prescription medications are highly addictive, and individuals may look to obtain quantities that are far beyond what they are prescribed by their doctor. Purchasing, possessing or distributing prescription medication outside of normal recommended use by a doctor could be grounds for very serious charges. These crimes can come with the same penalties as those associated with other types of drug charges.

A first-time possession charge may be a misdemeanor offense depending on the details of the individual case, but even a misdemeanor can result in jail time and expensive fines. More serious offenses can bring the potential for extensive time behind bars and more. Defendants would be wise to take their cases seriously and prepare an effective defense strategy.

Fighting for the future

Prescription drug charges are potentially grave criminal offenses. Those charged with any type of prescription drug misuse will benefit from the guidance of an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney. With legal guidance, one can confront the case brought by the prosecution and seek to defend his or her future interests.