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Pharmacist found not guilty of health care fraud and more

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Healthcare Fraud

When Michigan medical care providers and other types of medical professionals violate certain laws, they may face serious legal charges. One pharmacist was charged with health care fraud and receiving kickbacks, but a jury recently found him not guilty of these charges. Federal health care allegations are a serious threat to one’s future, and if convicted, this defendant would have faced a lengthy sentence and other consequences. 

Results of an investigation 

In 2015, federal authorities began an investigation into activities taking place at the pharmacy after the defendant called and expressed concerns. Even though he was the one who initially reported the potentially illegal activity, he eventually became a suspect. The concerns reported to authorities involved the possible sale of certain pharmaceutical items in order to receive a higher payback from insurance providers. 

The defendant maintained his innocence at every step of the case. After six and a half years, he was found not guilty. However, others connected with the case were convicted of various charges that include conspiracy to commit health care fraud, receipt of kickbacks and other types of federal crimes.  

Pursuit of justice 

Any individual charged with health care fraud would be wise to take his or her situation seriously. These are grave criminal offenses that could alter the entire course of a defendant’s life if he or she is convicted. The pursuit of justice can be lengthy and complicated, but working with an experienced defense attorney from the earliest possible stage can provide one with a higher chance of a successful outcome.