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2 men arrested on federal fraud charges

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Federal Offenses

Federal authorities recently identified and arrested two men in Michigan for their alleged role in an unemployment fraud scheme. They are facing federal fraud charges. If convicted, they are looking at some serious consequences, such as prison time, fines and repayment of the stolen funds — among various others. Authorities say these gentlemen are just a couple of the people involved in the scheme. They are working to identify the others.  

The case 

According to reports, an unknown number of people based in Michigan applied for and received unemployment debit cards from Michigan and two other states. In total, they collected over $4 million. Authorities were notified by Bank of America when two individuals began taking large withdrawals and making significant purchases with the cards. Two people caught on surveillance footage were identified, questioned and charged for their apparent roles in the scheme.  

The accused 

One of the accused is a resident of Pontiac who has several drug-related offenses on his record. He has been charged with mail fraud, wire and bank fraud, aggravated identity theft, felon in possession of a firearm and money laundering — among other violations. The other individual, also a resident of Pontiac, is facing similar charges. This man is said to have admitted to the crime and helped authorities identify the other offender.  


For these gentlemen, defending themselves against the charges filed against them will not prove an easy feat. Legal counsel may help each of them navigate federal criminal proceedings — whether that be negotiating with prosecuting attorneys or taking their cases to trial. With an experienced criminal defense attorney in their corner, they can do all that is necessary to protect themselves and seek the best possible outcomes.