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The serious repercussions of health care fraud allegations

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2021 | Healthcare Fraud

White collar crimes include any type of criminal activity committed with the intent of some type of financial gain. While these crimes do not include an element of violence, it is possible a conviction for fraud or another financial crime could result in serious repercussions. If you are under investigation or are already facing charges involving health care fraud, there is a lot at stake for you. 

Health care fraud is a federal offense, and it will likely result in extensive time behind bars and other penalties. The government does not view this type of fraud as a victimless crime, and it takes cases involving fraud seriously. At this point, it is in your interests to learn as much as you can about the case against you and work to develop the most effective defense strategy.  

How does it happen? 

Health care is a complex system, and there are many ways fraud in the medical industry can take place. This is why these specific fraud cases can be difficult to investigate and prosecute. Health care fraud can involve individual patients, medical care providers and many others involved in the care process. Some of the most common types of health care fraud include: 

  • Medical providers can commit health care fraud by doing things like double billing, billing for services not rendered, billing for more expensive services than rendered for the patient and more. 
  • Patients can commit fraud by using insurance information belonging to someone else, impersonating a health care worker, or committing any type of identity theft to pay for care or get medication. 
  • Health care fraud can also involve forged prescriptions, diversion of legal prescriptions for illegal use, doctor shopping to get more medication and more. 

Even the allegation of health care fraud can tarnish one’s reputation and professional career for years to come. It is essential to move quickly to combat charges and accusations as quickly as possible. 

Preserving the future 

The future is at stake when facing health care fraud allegations. If there is an investigation into your actions or you are already facing charges, it is in your interests to begin working on your defense strategy as quickly as possible. With the right defense plan, you may be able to effectively confront the case against you and fight for the preservation of your future interests.