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Dozens recently arrested on drugs, weapons and other charges

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Federal Drug Charge

It was recently reported that police in Michigan, with the assistance of federal agents, arrested dozens of individuals and accused them of participating in a variety of illegal activities. The charges filed against these people run the gamut from weapons charges, drug possession, retail fraud and a variety of others. While not all of these individuals will face federal charges, those who do have a lot on the line.

The investigation

It all started with a two-week-long investigation into a serial armed robber. A number of tips about drug activity were obtained which led to a task force operation known as the Police Enforcement and Community Engagement operation, which occurred over a matter of days in early May. During that few days, authorities issued 18 search warrants, arrested over 30 individuals between the ages of 16 and 64 — a dozen women and 27 men — and seized roughly $2 million in cash, weapons, vehicles and drugs.

The potential consequences

The consequences some of the accused individuals are facing if they are convicted are significant. Some are looking at four years imprisonment, while others are looking up to a lifetime behind bars. These types of penalties can be life-altering, for the accused and their loved ones.

Criminal defense

With so much to lose if convicted on federal charges, the criminal defense each of the accused puts forth is going to matter. They dont want to leave their fate to chance. Thankfully, they each have the right to seek assistance fighting the charges levied against them. A Michigan-based criminal defense attorney with experience handling federal charges can help them achieve the best outcomes possible.