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The serious implications of drug trafficking charges

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | White-Collar Crimes

When charged with a federal drug crime, the implications are serious. A conviction can lead to penalties that have the potential to change the rest of your life, including time behind bars and much more. If you are facing a federal drug charge, such as drug trafficking or drug distribution, it is in your interests to learn more about what you are up against and determine how to develop the most appropriate defense strategy.

Drug trafficking involves transporting, importing or selling illegal drugs. It is both a federal crime and a felony offense, which means the penalties are particularly serious. If you are under investigation for this crime, your future is at stake. Depending on the specifics of your individual situation, you could be facing decades or the rest of your life behind bars. It is imperative to fight back with a carefully developed defense plan.

The schedule for controlled substances

The serious nature of the charges against you depends largely on the type of drugs involved with your case and other factors. In many trafficking cases, both federal and state laws will apply. Essentially, the more serious the drug, the more serious the penalties a defendant is facing. The schedule for controlled substances is as follows:

  • Schedule IV and V are drugs that have a low potential for abuse and have specific accepted medical purposes. They carry a low risk for dependence.
  • Schedule III is drugs that have a low risk for abuse but a moderate risk for dependence. They also have some accepted medical purposes.
  • Schedule II is drugs that are highly addictive with some medical uses. They can cause severe drug dependence.
  • Schedule I is drugs that are highly addictive and carry a high risk for dependence and abuse. There is no acceptable medical use, and they are not safe to use, even under supervision from a medical professional.

If you are under investigation for trafficking or already charged, it is now time to consider your future and how you can protect your long-term interests. Building a strong defense starts now, and you can begin this process by reaching out to an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney. While the stakes are high, it is possible to effectively confront the case against you, challenge the prosecution’s evidence and fight for your freedom.