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Several cops facing federal charges following drug probe

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

According to a recently released report, one Detroit police officer was fired, several quit, some were suspended, and a few are facing criminal charges as a result of an internal investigation. Operation Clean Sweep began in Aug. 2019 and will be an ongoing investigation for some time. In the past year, however, authorities say they have identified nearly a dozen officers who allegedly engaged in various federal offenses involving drugs and money.

The drug probe, to this point, has supposedly uncovered roughly 50 cases involving officers falsifying search warrants, as well as officers engaging in payroll fraud and stealing money from drug raids. There are also accusations of drug dealers being allowed to walk without punishment, officers taking bribes and issues with informants — among other things. The pending charges in this case are serious, and the consequences that may accompany a conviction are severe.

Corruption in police departments happens when supervision is poor. It can also result from peer pressure. In this particular case, the level of each officers’ involvement is unknown at this point. Investigators say it is going to take a good two years to wind up this investigation, but a lot of people are going to be hurt in the process.

The accusations in this case are nothing to brush off. The officers accused of participating in the corruption are losing everything and may find themselves behind bars for a long time. There is a lot on the line here, and each of the accused deserves a fighting chance. With the assistance of a Michigan-based criminal defense attorney who has experience fighting federal cases, these individuals can take the steps necessary to seek the best possible outcomes.