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9 Michiganders face life in prison for drug trafficking

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Drug-related crimes are taken seriously not only by the state of Michigan but also by the federal government. Not all drug crimes warrant federal charges, however. Drug trafficking is one particular crime that is often handled in the federal court system. Those facing charges for drug trafficking can help themselves by ensuring their legal representation has experience fighting cases at the federal level — not all criminal offense attorneys do.

Recently, nine individuals were charged for their alleged role in a drug trafficking operation. According to reports, they are accused of distributing cocaine, heroin, suboxone, meth and other controlled substances around the state. They are believed to have been doing this since at least Nov. 2018. Some of the drugs they allegedly procured reportedly came from Mexico.

Authorities say all of the defendants have a history with the Michigan Department of Corrections — some of them being current inmates. At this time, it is unclear if or when their cases will be addressed in court. Many federal cases are resolved before they make it that far. Sometimes, though, taking the matter before a judge may serve one’s best interests.

The penalties that accompany a conviction on a federal drug trafficking charge can be severe. They include the potential to be incarcerated for life, as well as the payment of hefty fines, among others. The individuals who were recently charged with drug trafficking face an uphill battle, and their prior criminal histories are not likely to help their cases. With the assistance of a Michigan-based criminal defense attorney, these individuals can ensure their rights are protected and the focus of their cases stays on the current charges at hand, as they take the steps necessary to achieve the best outcomes possible.