Judge says "White Boy Rick" entitled to new sentencing

UPDATE: 'White Boy Rick' granted parole after nearly 30 years

A release from prison might be in the works for a former teenage drug dealer known throughout Detroit as "White Boy Rick."

He's been locked up for almost 30 years on a non-violent crime.

In today's hearing for White Boy Rick, a judge said he is entitled to be resentenced. His sentencing date is scheduled for September 18 at 9 a.m.

Richard Wershe has been rejected for parole three different times.

After 28 years in prison, he is hoping for a miracle.

The one-time teenage drug dealer and FBI informant was locked up after a single conviction for cocaine possession back in May of 1987.

White Boy Rick was just 17 years old back then and is currently the longest serving prisoner in the state of Michigan for a non-violent crime.

High profile defense attorney David Griem once worked as a federal prosecutor on drug cases.

He tells 7 Action News that political reasons could keep a judge from releasing the now 46-year-old Wershe - even though the law that put Wershe behind bars is no longer on the books.

A groundswell of community support has helped white boy rick get more recent attention for his case. But prosecutor Kym Worthy has publicly voiced opposition to his release.

Former FBI supervisor Andy Bartnowak has worked on cases where White Boy Rick helped provide information and says there's really no benefit to keep him in prison.