Hutaree Wife: "I’m Just Like Everybody Else"

By Michael Rosenfield

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Forty-six-year-old Tina Stone says she is just like many other women: she loves her family, wants a stable life, and met her husband, Hutaree militia leader David Stone Sr., like many couples meet - online.

But the last two years has been anything but mainstream. Stone and six others were rounded up in an FBI raid in 2010, accused of plotting to overthrow the government.

"There was no talk of overthrowing the government," Stone told 7 Action News Wednesday, one day after a federal judge threw out most of the case.

Stone says the militia was not so much anti-government, but it was predominantly focused on protecting its roughly 20 members.

"It was survivalist," Stone says.

Stone says the group was preparing for the Antichrist.

"With our family being Christians, we figured that at one time or another Christians will be hunted down and killed," Stone said.

Stone says she is a Sunday school teacher who goes to church every weekend. She has no regrets about participating in the militia.

Her husband and stepson are the only two militia members still facing charges and they remain in custody.

"I miss my husband and son," she says.

Stone doubts the Hutaree will regroup. She says membership had already been on the decline when the group was raided. She says members were growing older, spending more time with family, and not as interested in a militia.