Charlie Langton: Why Would Bashara Or Anyone Take A Polygraph And Risk Looking Guilty?

Charlie Langton talked with attorney Mike Rataj about the use of polygraph tests in the case of the recent Grosse Pointe killing and the ongoing Bianca Jones case. In the Bashara case, the media first reported Bashara failed a lie detector test early in the investigation - but his attorney David Griem reported Thursday he had taken another and passed with flying colors.

The test indicated, Griem said, that Bashara had nothing to do with his wife's death.

It's been widely reported that Jones' father Deandre Lane failed a lie detector test after his toddler daughter disappeared last month in what he claims was a carjacking. Lane and his attorney later said he was under distress at the time of the test.

Are the tests legitimate? Polygraphs are not admissible in court yet people take them and in some cases fail them and consequently look guilty. Why? If you pass a polygraph, will police drop the charges against you? Not necessarily. Mike Rataj discusses the polygraph strategies used by prosecutors, defense attorneys, and police and how they've been used in some local high-profile cases recently.