Experienced Defense For Those Facing RICO Charges

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, Title 18, has been around since 1970. It was initially established to eliminate the impact organized crime had on the nation's economy, but it is now commonly used for a wide variety of federal charges involving fraud or white collar crimes. Instead of a "godfather" or "drug kingpin," it is a CEO of a corporation, controlling shareholder, trustee to an estate, politician or leader of a political protest group who is charged. The connection is that an individual in charge of illegal activities could still be charged even if their actions were not directly connected to a crime.

As one of the most respected and renowned criminal defense lawyers in the federal justice system, I have close to three decades of working on RICO and white collar crimes, as well as federal and state crimes. An example that everyone in Detroit and all of Michigan remembers is the Kwame Kilpatrick case of corruption charges that alleged he took bribes and kickbacks. I was a co-counsel for the former-mayor's friend and fellow defendant, Bobby Ferguson. I have been on television many times and handled some of the country's most-watched RICO racketeering, corruption and federal fraud charges.

I am an attorney who defends clients from initial notice to trial to appeal. My reputation as an aggressive defense lawyer is based on how I have changed the course of a case through my sometimes-brutal cross-examinations. At the same time, my commonsense arguments often resonate with jurors and lead to victory in trial. I have found this combination to be effective time and time again for my many satisfied clients from all walks of life.


What The Prosecution Has To Prove

When I take a RICO case, I answer the two important questions that need to be answered:

  1. Does the defendant own and/or manage a business or organization?
  2. Does the organization regularly perform illegal activities?

I See Opportunity Where Others See Challenges

As an ex-Marine, there is nothing I am afraid of. This kind of tenacity and willingness to go all-in with my clients makes me the ideal trial lawyer for RICO charges. Flimsy coincidences and faulty conspiracy charges will be dispatched. I will use several other effective defenses based on experience gained from handling hundreds of federal cases.

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