A Strong Defense Is Always Crucial

Facing criminal charges in Michigan is always a serious matter that often has life-changing consequences. If you are convicted, you can face extensive jail time, probation, fines and other penalties. Whether these are at a state or federal level, the charges need to be aggressively fought to ensure that your liberties and rights are properly protected under the law.

Most lawyers who practice criminal law do so on a state level. While I do work in the state courts, I also work extensively in the federal court and have handled thousands of federal cases. I enjoy this work because the cases are more challenging and complicated. In addition to appearing in the state and federal courts in Michigan, I have represented clients in federal courts in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. I also successfully represented a client on Death Row in Georgia.

Regardless of whether the case is here in Detroit or elsewhere, I give every client and every case the type of care and attention that I would give a member of my own family. I assure you that you have my undivided loyalty to you and your case from beginning to end.


Typical Cases I Handle

Each case is unique and I represent clients in a wide range of cases. These include:

Federal charges include some of the most severe penalties, whether they involve white collar crimes or health care fraud. An aggressive criminal defense attorney is your best option in protecting your rights and your future. I am well known throughout the city and state for my tenacious and unyielding approach to protecting my clients. Trials require a certain set of skills for presenting the facts in a positive light to both juries and judges. You can feel confident in knowing that I always work toward the best possible outcome for you.

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